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Digital Marketing

We offer a wide range of services to connect you with the millions of potential customers who connect daily through cell phones, tablets, and computers.

Do you want to attract more traffic to your business?

Well, you’ve finally decided to take advantage of digital tools to grow your business. Great! Right?

But, when you start looking at the marketing options available you have things like SEO, email, CPC, social media, blogging, and so on. We have a problem; You just don’t know where to start.

Digital marketing is a broad term that represents different methods of promoting and growing your business. Therefore, it can be somewhat difficult to devise and implement an online business strategy if your company lacks the resources, time, and experience to do so.

For that reason, it makes sense to work with a digital marketing agency like Strigia Media. We will take the time to understand what your business does and its specific goals.

Then we will present you with a plan according to your needs, and if you like it we will proceed to execute it together. We will use our experience and knowledge to take your company in your desired direction.

Marketing can be overwhelming. The good news is that you have options.

Web Design

Your website is your letter of introduction to the world. With us, you will make an excellent first impression.

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By hiring our professional website design services you will have a page that is:

  • Personalized
  • Responsive (compatible with mobile devices)
  • Optimized for search engines (SEO)
  • Secure (HTTPS)
  • Attractive

Depending on your needs we can include additional functions as part of the website design. For example, we can create an e-commerce store, an appointment request system, or a blog to publish articles.

Our pages use the WordPress Content Management System, allowing you to take control of your website without needing extensive technical knowledge. Our goal is to make you feel proud and comfortable with your site.

Hosting and Maintenance

Managing a website can be laborious if you don’t know what to do, that’s why we are here to help you.

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Running a business is complicated, you have more important things to do than fight the technical aspects of having an online presence, so we want to help you deal with issues such as:

  • Hosting
  • Email Servers
  • Updates
  • Security against attacks
  • Backups

We will make sure that your page is always available to the public, that your corporate emails work well, that your page is always at the forefront, both in functionality and security, and that we will always have a recent backup available in case we need it.

Social Media

We’ll help you grow your community and push your brand to the next level.

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If you have a business, it’s very likely that you also have some social media accounts for your company, be it Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube.

And if this is the case, you should also be aware of the time it takes to post regularly on those networks, or worse, you may not be posting at all, losing the opportunity to reach more people.

This is where we come in, we will take away the burden of managing these networks and we will give ourselves the task of making them grow. Increasing the number of followers, interacting with potential customers, and organically making your brand known.


This store is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without the need to hire staff.

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Your own e-commerce is the hallmark of a professional company. If you are ready to stop selling on Instagram or eBay, we offer you a site:

  • Easy to manage (WooCommerce)
  • Integrated with the main payment gateways
  • Optimized for search engines (SEO)
  • Secure (HTTPS)
  • Personalized with your brand

Our digital businesses use WooCommerce, the main open source E-Commerce platform on the market. This allows us to customize your site down to the last detail, ensuring that your customers have an ideal experience and that you can increase your sales.

Online Advertising

It’s time to reach your potential customers in the place where they spend most of their time, the Internet.

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Paid advertising is a digital marketing method used by advertisers who bid to participate in real-time auctions to get their ads displayed on a specific search engine, platform, or network.

There is a wide variety of formats and types of purchase in online advertising. For example, we can put an ad in Google search results and pay every time someone clicks (CPC), or we can put a video on Instagram and pay every time a thousand people see it (CPM).

Our goal with paid advertising is to reach your target audience. Together we will characterize your potential customers and segment the campaigns so that they are the ones who see your message, we will stand out from the noise and we will increase your sales.

Graphic Design

Your brand needs style and creativity to attract attention. We have both and we will make them available to you.

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Creating a professional image is an art and at Strigia Media we are artists.

It only takes a few seconds for a customer to form an impression of your brand. If you don’t look attractive, trustworthy, and transparent, the chances are that whoever sees you will pass you by. If you don’t look good, neither do your clients.

A brand is not just about the graphics or the logo. It is about the company’s strategy, its mission statement, and the visual message it wants to convey. We have the experience to communicate this message to your target audience and create a brand that your customers can trust.


Ready to transform your company? Let’s build this together!

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